About Us

The Telebehavioral Health Center of Excellence was born out of a recognition that identifying current, relevant, and neutral telebehavioral health content can be overwhelming to the newcomer. On this site, the Term ‘telebehavioral health’ is used broadly and includes telemental health and the various terms identified in the research for these same concepts. The differences among “tele” services in mental and behavioral health are in reality very small. All of them share the same security, operational and infrastructure needs.

The mission of the TBHCoE is to create and maintain a single source of current and vetted resources to assist providers and organizations to start and improve telebehavioral health services.

The initial phase will include the creation of a library of resources for decision-makers, clinicians, researchers and policy teams (collectively: stakeholders) to have a single source of vetted information on telebehavioral and telemental health that is up-to-date, vendor-neutral, and multi-disciplinary. Information will be gathered from credible sources and updated through regular searches and requests for information from organizations. The information will be tagged for search with the date of publication, peer-reviewed (according to set criteria), intended audience and topical tags (billing, Medicaid, laws, state, country, ethics, best practices, etc.).

The TBHCoE was developed in partnership between the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center and Behavioral Health Innovation.

Sidenote: We’d like to recognize the excellent work of Dr. Chris Fore and the Indian Health Services Telebehavioral Health Center of Excellence who has blazed a trail for telebehavioral health.

If you have any materials you’d like to have considered or have feedback on the site, please contact us using the Contact button below. We welcome your contributions and ideas.