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The Telebehavioral Health Center of Excellence is dedicated to providing the most current, vetted, practical information for starting or enhancing Telebehavioral or Telemental health-related services. These resources are intended to provide you with the most current information to help you get started. They are not comprehensive in the historical sense but represent the best of the current Telebehavioral Health resources available.

New to Telebehavioral Health? We recommend starting with the  Overview.

The practice of Telemental and Telebehavioral Health has proven to be safe, effective and efficient tools for Mental and Behavioral Health Providers. Improvements in reimbursement and decreased costs now make it an attractive way to provide services in new and unique ways. Browse the TBHCOE site for more.

Providing video clinical services from clinic-to-clinic seems straightforward on the surface. But small differences in clinic operations and clinic setting can make implementation cumbersome, eliminating the efficiencies promised by telemedicine. Get grant-funded advice about overcoming these issues from vendor-neutral industry experts and learn more about applying the best practices in clinic-to-clinic services. Browse the TBHCOE site for more.